Installation and flooring material sales

We have long-term experience with selling and installing various flooring solutions. We offer flooring solutions for commercial and residential premises, and complete large-scale flooring jobs in service, industrial and warehouse premises in Estonia, and neighbouring countries.

We have developed close and lasting relationships with the largest suppliers of flooring materials across the world. Such cooperation enables us to offer competitive prices and reasonable delivery times even for the most complicated flooring solutions.

Our product range includes customised flooring solutions for different types of premises and interior design solutions, from carpets to epoxide coatings.

Flooring jobs and solutions

Flooring solutions for rooms with special properties and needs:

  • Non-slip floors
  • Anti-static floors
  • Conductive floors
  • Raised floors
  • PVC-flooring and wall coverings for shower rooms and bathrooms

Any flooring job starts with preparing the subflooring:

  • Diamond, stone and paper sanding
  • Rough and fine levelling
  • Caulking

Wide range of flooring materials

We offer both versatile and needs-based flooring materials, including:

  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous floorings
  • Natural linoleum floorings
  • Rubber floorings
  • Cork floorings
  • Carpets
  • Laminated floorings
  • Parquet wood floorings
  • Dust prevention
  • Epoxy floorings

Versatile finishing solutions

Our range of finishing materials includes different types of skirting boards to match your preferences and needs:

  • Plastic skirting boards
  • MDF skirting boards
  • Wooden skirting boards
  • Metal skirting boards
  • Flexible OVC skirting profiles

Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your flooring projects.

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