Commercial and residential flooring

We will find suitable flooring solutions for your commercial or residential premises based on the intended use of the premises. We have long-term experience in installing different types of flooring. Order your flooring solutions from us and we will guarantee timely installation and finishing jobs. Trust an expert – we will be happy to advise you on the selection of a flooring.

We sell and install the following types of flooring:

  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous PVC floorings
  • Natural linoleum floorings
  • Rubber floorings
  • Cork floorings
  • Carpets
  • Laminated floorings
  • Parquet wood floorings
  • Dust prevention
  • Epoxy floorings

The factors to consider when selecting a flooring:

  • Is the floor in a residential or public area? Is the floor used by a five-member family or hundreds of customers?
  • Should the floor be slip resistant or suited for allergy sufferers?
  • Is the room well insulated or rather cold? For colder premises use epoxy floorings and heterogeneous and homogeneous PVC floorings for their moisture and mould resistant properties.
  • Is the floor near an entrance to the building? Are people walking on the floor wearing indoor or outdoor shoes or do they prefer to go barefoot?
  • Is the flooring intended for a damp room? In this case, carpet flooring is unsuitable and cork flooring should be preferred. Cork flooring is hygienic and perfect for barefoot use areas.

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