Toomasson Grupp OÜ provides the installation of various kinds of flooring, for both commercial and residential spaces, as well as large-scale flooring jobs in service, industrial and warehouse premises in Estonia and neighbouring countries.

We provide flooring solutions for rooms with special properties and needs:

  • non-slip floors
  • anti-static floors
  • conductive floors
  • raised floors
  • PVC-flooring and wall coverings for shower rooms and bathrooms

We always start the installation of flooring from the preparation of the subflooring:

  • diamond, stone and paper polishing and sanding
  • rough and fine levelling
  • caulking

The selection of flooring is large, diverse and based on needs:

  • hetero- and homogeneous PVC coverings
  • natural linoleums
  • rubber coverings
  • cork coverings
  • carpeting
  • laminate coverings
  • plank parquet
  • dust-prevention
  • epoxy flooring

A wide selection of trims is available for finishing your floors:

  • plastic trim
  • MDF trim
  • wood moulding
  • metal trim
  • trim of upturned PVC coverings

If required, we can also provide plastering and painting services.
We provide our advice and manpower to ensure the best flooring selection and installation.


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